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CARACAS Authentic Blue Jackets T-Shirts , March 13 (Xinhua) -- Venezuelan BMX cyclist and world champion, Stefany Hernandez, finished first in the C1 category of World Cup taking place in Manchester's National Cycling Center on Sunday.

With this triumph, Hernandez has accumulated eight victories out of the 10 tracks included in the International Cycling Union's (UCI) C1 category that leads to the Rio Olympic Games.

The win gained the Venezuelan cyclist 50 points in the world ranking. She was joined on the podium by Russia's Natalia Suvurova and Judy Baauw from the Netherlands.

On July 25, 2015 Authentic Blue Jackets Hoodie , Hernandez became the BMX world champion in Zolder, Belgium. Upon winning this title, Hernandez became the first female BMX world champion from Venezuela.

In the UCI's world ranking, updated at the end of 2015, Hernandez was in second place with 1 Customized Blue Jackets Jerseys ,615 points while Colombian Mariana Pajon was in first place with 1,620 points.

In 2016, the cyclist will compete in five World Cups and the BMX World Championship before embarking on her journey to Brazil where Hernandez hopes to achieve her biggest dream of winning a gold medal for Venezuela.

The Venezuelan cyclist will next compete in the World Cup in Santiago del Estero, Argentina. Before this, she will visit Rio de Janeiro to carry out a series of tests at the Olympic BMX Center.

The top three ranked countries by May 30 will all receive two passes to the Olympics in August.

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